One-on-One Yoga that meets you where you are.

Is private yoga for me? The answer is yes if..

  • You've attended classes in a studio but felt lost, distracted, or uncertain about what you're doing. 
  • You have chronic pain and want to know how you can still cultivate a deep, dynamic and meaningful practice.
  • Class offerings don't work with your schedule or are too crowded.
  • You're interested in diving deeper into the postures and/or philosophy.


Parivrtta Trikonasana hands on.JPG

What you get from practicing One-on-One.

  • Experience the life changing benefits of yoga one-on-one in the convenience of your own home.
  • Each session is customized to address your unique goals and curiosities, while honoring your specific needs that particular day.
  • Time-tested, traditional yogic techniques combined with functional movement to bring your mind and body back into harmony.
  • Receive the tools you need to integrate balance found on the mat into your daily living.

             + ...and so much more!