Yoga & Dance Classes and Events in the NYC Area

Yoga classes:

Shambhala yoga & dance

367 Saint Marks Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Prospect Heights location-

Monday      12:00-1:05pm,  Open & Align (all levels welcome)

Tuesday     6:30-7:30pm,  Basics

dance classes:

Movement research

Gibney Dance Center

280 Broadway, Lower Manhattan

Eden’s Expressway

537 Broadway, SoHo


Select Thursdays in April (11 & 18th) & weekly in July 6:00-8:00pm

Contact Improvisation Basics.

Come learn fundamental CI skills and practice improvising in a safe and incredibly fun setting.

Wednesdays in June 6:30-8:30pm 

All levels of experience welcome.

This class offers the opportunity for both new and seasoned Contact dancers to build skillsets, while exploring nuanced qualities of dancing, that may lead to fluid and ease or dynamic and athletic.

Upcoming Workshops

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Shambhala Yoga 200-Hour registered Yoga Teacher Training

Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center’s 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Program

Sept 6 - Dec 8, 2019

Click here for more info & registration

Using (Your Empowerment & Self-Discovery) YES Yoga as a framework of study, students first learn to explore their own relationship with yoga. Our strength as a teacher relies heavily on our own unique and authentic experiences. So we’ll take a considerate amount of time diving in to the history, philosophy and science of yoga. This deep study will guide our approach to the asana (postures) and meditation practice. Through active practice and a diverse range of skill sets, we’ll explore the beauty of teaching. Students map sequencing and theming classes which can be applied to your home practice, private instruction or group classes.

Instructors- Deanna Green, Carly Czach, Deidra Demens

Past Workshops

Carly Czach-Contact Improvisation lift.png

Form into Freedom

Weekend Workshop & Jam in Contact Improvisation

Burlington, Vermont May 3-5, 2019

How do we experience the fullness of being alive in our bodies? How can we explore our own movement potential while remaining available to listen to and negotiate sharing an axis with a partner? How can we organize our bodies with efficiency and yet inhabit a space of improvisation?

Contact Improvisation offers itself to your imagination, cultivating curiosity in the paradoxes of the form—structure and improvisation, weighted-ness and weightlessness, stability within fluidity.

This workshop begins with form; laying the foundation with CI skills as a jumping off point. Finding inspiration from connection with the floor, ourselves and our partner, our dancing becomes more embodied as we go from shaping to listening, and challenging ourselves to respond to what each moment asks for.

As we become more adventurous, we find ways to invite our partners into novelty, exploring 360 degrees of movement potential; falling and soaring together, unbound.

Yoga to Beat Winter Blues

Yoga to Beat the

Winter Blues

Saturday, Feb 10, 2019 Shambhala Yoga, Brooklyn

Winter is here and there’s no denying the influence of the elements on our state of well-being. The components of water and earth create a cold, damp, and heavy environment--qualities that affect our bodies and minds, and can make us more prone to illness, lethargy, and depression. Using ancient yet accessible yoga techniques, we will shift our experience to be one of joy, well being and contentment-all of which are a part of our true nature.

This workshop includes a movement practice with specific techniques to boost your energy & mood, and discussion on building physical & emotional resilience for this season.
*All humans with any or no experience are welcome.

2018 Gratitude Jam.jpg

Gratitude Jam:

A weekend of Contact Improvisation classes, scores & jams. F

acilitated by Tim O'Donnell & Carly Czach

November 22-25, 2018 (Thanksgiving Weekend) at Earthdance Creative Living, Plainfield, MA.

A weekend of dynamic listening in Contact Improvisation. Discover the balance in falling, redirecting, composing, and soaring that allows us to risk the unknown more fully. Morning classes inspire focused afternoon jamming and evening Jams open to all.

All levels and movement backgrounds welcome.

photo by Patrick Beelaert

Meditation Workshop.JPG

Join me and Jessica Latour as we facilitate a two-day workshop at Shambhala Yoga and Dance!


Sat Sept 29 & Sun Sept 30, 2018; 2-4pm

Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center

367 St. Marks Ave, Brooklyn

Want to find the sweetness in all of your asana, and daily living?

Contact me to schedule a private session today.