Yoga to enhance your life.

Through yoga, mindful movement and meditation practices, Meeting It All brings you into the reality where you feel connected and whole; where your body is healthy and strong, your relationships are more vibrant, and everyday stress feels less like a weight, and more like an opportunity to engage with the life thats in front of you.


Semi-Private lessons for you + 1.

  • Share the practice with a friend or loved one .
  • Learn from each other's questions and curiosities, while laughing, sweating and breathing together on your mats.
  • Customized lessons addressing your unique needs and goals.
  • Share the cost of a private session!

Group Yoga classes to inspire and connect.

  • Approach techniques and poses with focus and newfound awareness.
  • Feel the power practicing within a conscious collective of yogis.
  • Improve strength and range of motion while expanding your sense of self.
  • Book classes before special events, like weddings, parties, charity walks, or a group cleanse!